Sunday, March 7, 2010

Your Guide to "In-Town" Living

Are you new to Atlanta? Do you wonder what all the terminology like "inside the perimeter" "in-town" and "close to the beltway" means?

Well dahlings here is your definitive guide to becoming an Atlanta hipster..when i first moved here i couldn't understand all the hype about living "inside the perimeter" which basically means you are close to "in-town" means again you are close to downtown, but in a residential section of town...lastly "close to the beltway" guessed it! you can jump on 285 in a few seconds and reach downtown within 15 mins or where are the premiere "Intown Neighborhoods"? Stick with me..i've scoured this town looking for the most popular spots that urban professionals call home..this list is certainly not all-inclusive...there are plenty of hidden secrets that you will discover that will make your heart sing..but here are a few of my faves...those popular spots where if you have the cash, and a sense of adventure and love for city living..they are perfect for those seeking a hip fun lifestyle:

- Midtown (roughly 3rd to 15th Street and Piedmont to West Peachtree) is very trendy and popular. Mostly high-rise condos walkable to clubs, restaurants and Piedmont Park. For a long time this was considered a gay neighborhood and it's still very gay-friendly. It's pricey for Atlanta, but probably still cheap compared to SF.

- Virginia-Highlands (the Highlands) is right off that long stretch of East Ponce on Highland's very residential and family friendly.. some rental houses and duplexes as opposed to high-rise apartments, but it's still a lot of young professionals. There are a bunch of bars in the Highlands but it's more of a community pub scene as opposed to dance can be pricey but there are still deals to find esp in this economy

- Buckhead. the traffic is daunting in this hot spot neighborhood..there's a lot of celebrity sightings..and wanna be celebrities that hang out in Buckhead..but don't be fooled..there is real class here too...and a lot to love.A few great bars are left since the bit push toward "residentializing" this busy neighborhood...some good restaurants in Buckhead Village. Lenox Mall and Phipps Plaza, Atlanta's two upscale shopping malls, are also in this area.

- Little Five Points/Inman Park/Candler Park -- Little Five Points is the restaurant/shopping area and Inman and Candler are the residential neighborhoods nearby. "Lil 5" as it is affectionately called used to be a very edgy bohemian area but has become a lot more user-friendly as of late..

- Decatur -- Is technically a suburb of Atlanta, but is not the suburbs as you probably think of them. Has a cute little square with bars and restaurants; they're building a lot of new condos over the storefronts. It's a relatively easy commute into town and pretty inexpensive compared to some of the sheer amenities you will discover here esp in Downtown Decatur.

- East Atlanta -- is still what most people would consider a "transitional" neighborhood, in that it used to be a sketchy area but lots of families and young professionals are moving in. That makes it pretty affordable..

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Urban Oasis Hot Spots in the City

Have you dreamed of ditching the suburbs and becoming an urban hipster? do you want the kids to have the best of both life plus an old fashioned community feel? Well, this post is just for you..Suburbanites unite! and get ready to load up the moving van and relocate closer to the city...Let's face it..Downtown Atlanta is one of the nicest urban places to live in the Nation..there are plenty of "urban oasis" spots minutes from Downtown that still give you the old fashioned amenities of being in a neighborhood...I have to warn you though..Some of these spots are the city's best kept shhhhhhhh let's keep these hot spots just between you and :-) Enjoy!

Cool Condo living

Buckhead - 10 Terminus Place

Brookhaven - The Logan

Downtown - Twelve Centennial Park

West Midtown - White Provisions

Cool Communities with that Neighborhood Feel

West Midtown - Dupont Commons and Habershal at West Highlands

East Atlanta - Glenwood Park

Grant Park - Oakland Park