Monday, September 13, 2010

Cargill Gallery

Have you ever been somewhere and when you walk in it just feels like home? Well that's the warm and fuzzy feeling i get everytime i walk in Cargill Gallery. Your girl is a huge art fan...Wine, art, cheese and great conversation makes a great Sunday afternoon...I have artists that are my faves all over the city (for instance do check out Corey Whitehead!! he had a showing this weekend..amazing...

But back to the reason for this post...This husband and wife art team are amazing artisians and craftsmen. I call them that because the art they make is not just images on a canvas..they make you feel the images...they have a network of artists that bring their wares to the gallery and they are equally as amazing..

I first learned of them as they have a neat little gallery tucked inside Northlake Mall in my hood here in Tucker. What first caught my eye was how amazingly affordable the artwork was!!! OMG..i have traveled all over the world collecting art..and let me tell you...some of these pieces are orginals and the prices blew me away at how reasonable they are...

I had the great pleasure of stumbling into their other Gallery location at Pleasant Hill in Gwinnet Place gallery is very is easy to walk around in the space and see all the artwork in all its glory hanging on the wall..and the resident artist on staff and manager David(along with being adorable ladies) was so willing to do whatever to please the clientele..he does original artwork to your specification...and the deals are equally as refreshing..

run don't walk to this art oasis..There are three gallary locations throughout the Atlanta area to serve you:

Mall of Georgia - 770.866.9938

Gwinnett Place Mall - 770.866.9910

Northlake Mall – 678.830.8593

Thursday, September 9, 2010

For the fellas - Great places to catch the game!!

ALL TEAMS: Ultimate Bar and Grill
Camp Creek Marketplace
Ultimate Bar & Grill:
3515 Camp Creek Parkway
East Point, Georgia 30344
Where all Atlanta's finest chocolate sports brawn go to mix and mingle. Ladies..i dun told Men are swarming thru this little best kept secret...Single ladies...Don't feel you have to dress like a rock star...dress it down and go hang out with the fellas and catch a brewski and the may just catch your next man...


Legends Sports Bar & Grill
5851 Buffington Rd
Union City; 404.762.6988

Bears: Charlie G's 11th St Pub
1041 W Peachtree St; 404.724.9060
This cozy green-walled corner drinkery turns its balcony into "The Bears Upstairs" for each Chi game, with new food/bev deals every week; for the opener against the Lions, they’re delivering a free cookout of burgers & more just before the opening kickoff, which Devin Hester is totally going to take to the house, as long as it’s still 2007.

Redskins: The Bucket Shop Cafe
3475 Lenox Rd NE; 404.261.9244
This mostly wood-decked Redskins spot'll have changing-weekly deals for paraphernalia-wearers (half-off burgers/seafood baskets, etc), plus this Sunday, donning said 'Skins gear'll get you a free buffet of wings, dogs, chips-n-queso, and more, plus $10 buckets, but not $10 Bucket Lists, cause that’s still a rip-off.
There's even a page on their website for Washington fans; check it out right here.

Saints: Dark Horse Tavern
816 N Highland Ave; 404.873.3607
Pushing to be "the new non-OTP venue for Saints games", the darkly lit Tavern's offering game-day-only Big Easy meals like fried crawfish, etouffee, and po' boys, plus drink specials like $3 Abita drafts, $3 SoCo/lime shots, and $16 buckets of Restoration Ale or Purple Haze -- finish one all by yourself, and you might not know if the score's coming up or down.You get 10% off for wearing Saints attire;

Giants: Meehan's Vinings
2810 Paces Ferry Rd NW; 770.433.1920
The wood-floored Irish pub takes 15% off your tab for sporting a G-Men jersey, and is giving you four-bottle buckets for $10 plus 2-for-$4 mugs of McSorely’s, which is probably how Giants fans’ll McTake their first McLoss.

Buccaneers: Miller's Ale House Alpharetta
10750 Davis Dr; 678.277.2581
Tampa hangout Miller's is granting fans 10% off for wearing Bucs gear of any kind, and'll also have sub-$4 'ritas, $2.50 Foster’s pints, and a $13 combo comprising a pitcher and an order of buffalo boneless tenders called "Zingers" -- a deal put together by the manager, although you should really be thanking the Hostess.
See what else you can order from Miller's right here

Excerpt courtesy of "Thrilllist Atlanta" please check out their very exciting website at i love these guys..they send an email to you really is a thrill a minute!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Breakfast Spots that Light My Fire!

Ria's Bluebird Cafe
try the amazing pancakes..bionic breakfast bowl with grilled tilapia and the burrito

Radial Cafe
try the cinnamon raisin french toast and amazing u sense a theme to these breakfast ideas? lol

the big nasty chicken sandwich and breakfast bowl..heck everything is just freakin' good!

N. Highland Bakery
try the sweetpotato pancakes and any of the scrambles and u must visit the pastry case before u leave!

Sun in My Belly
shrimp and grits..french toast and the sandwiches are yum!

Original Pancake House
what else but the pancakes! :-)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Working Girl's Guide To: The Bathroom Blues

Everyone that knows me well knows i am OCD about my kitchens and bathrooms..i am so bad that i will let things stay as is until i can get in there and blast behind the microwave...scrub on my hands and knees behind the toilet..and scrub the grout in the shower with a toothbrush until it gleams...that's right...i'm confessing to you my deepest darkest secrets..i drift to the darkside when i start love it so that i seem to zone out in my head and when i come to..the kitchen and bathroom are all those working girls who are not my soul sisters in this regard then i'm feeling you..your girl is always on the job for the working know the heart and soul of ATLBROWNGIRL is to provide working girls and stay at home moms and dads options for taking their kids to fun places, date spots for you and your places for family to grab a great meal for your fam or your boo if it's been a long crummy day at work...and most of all i hope you make my website your resource for hanging out with your family or your boo in our lovely city...

but back to the title..i am starting a new series called "The Working Girl's Guide to.." and i will post all kinds of nifty ideas for making it less time...never fear stay at home moms and dads..and single moms and dads...i give you big love too...we all have the same do we either take care of ourselves in a hectic world..or take care of a family...and still take care of all the daily things that are required in our here's my first in the series...How to Blast Your Bathroom half the time...i hope you love it as much as I enjoyed writing this for you.. My focus for this post is to give big love to the Working girls...honey i know..sometimes you have to make it work! in 1/2 the here are tips for making it sparkle, and all types of nifty tips to get thyself out the door in record time to you it! either get your money you can head to some of the fun spots in our wonderful city...

Lastly for my green folks..your girl has lots of environmentally friendly tips to help make us feel good about getting our clean and L&K,

Cleaning Tile -To get in the nitty gritty, spray the whole shower esp in the grout with Tilex Mildew Root will see it by different names but that Tilex Mildew remover is the truth..then spray Mean Green Mildew Remover over it..cut on the fan and walk out overnite...voila in the morning all you have to do is run the hot water before you take your shower and the mildew has magically disappeared...yeah baby! mama does not like to scrub so if you let it set overnite that is the is stinky but all worth the trouble...for folks that have the dreaded white grout in between your colored tile, then dip a thin sponge paintbrush in distilled white vinegar and apply it directly to the grout before you do the mean green/tilex gets hard water deposits and mildew and soap scum out...

Toilet - To bust that rust, and lime and hard water stains..pour table salt directly on the stain..then squeeze a fresh lemon on a bowlbrush or heavy duty papertowel and scrub..the acid in the lemon when combo with the salt will remove stains...then you can follow up with your Lysol toilet cleaner for up under the bowl and around the outside if you have little men that (ahem) miss the mark at the toilet on the

Shower curtains - if you are lucky enough to have a standup shower with a glass shower door, then shower curtains are SOP in your home like mine..i hate when the little mildew and soap scum gathers on those boogers...problem solved! just toss them in the washing machine with vinegar and let it soak for 2 hours...then resume the cycle and voila! your shower curtain looks like brand new again...

Faucets and mirrors - Wipe your mirrors with a sponge soaked in hot vinegar..if you are like me and sometimes you are in a hurry..then Glass Plus wipes..they are awesome and reusable...great idea! I also spray Mean Green around the faucet while i am wiping the mirrors and let it set for a moment,..when i am thru using the Glass plus wipes i use to wipe my faucets...hey i practical or what? lol

Bathtub - my little 5 year old bathtub king uses bubbles everynite for his bathie..somehow that cuts down on a bathring..but for your big kids who have long let Mr. Bubble go..unsightly bathtub rings are a green option is to place salt on the ring and scrub..if you haven't guessed already...i am a big fan of Mean is a mothersucka on dirt honey...i have never seen such an environmentally product that is so tough..did the military make this stuff? lol..spray Mean Green on your bathtub ring, take a soft cloth that is damp and spray a bit of liquid cleanser like liquid ajax (doesn't scratch) and you know it! clean as a thistle...Ditto this procedure for your works i promise...

Walls - if you are lucky enough to have painted walls fuss..but if you have bathroom tile like we do in our 1970's explosion of a bathroom..then wipe down the walls with a damp cloth soaked in vinegar or u got it..Mean the way i get my Mean Green and all cleaning supplies from Family Dollar...i save all my pennies for eating out..but u already had guessed that right? lol

Be Breezy,

The Dog Days of Summer

Hello dahlings,

oh how time flies..can you believe it is summer? Gosh i love summertime...I do not love a Georgia summer as the heat mixed with the humidity can drive you to distraction..but that's when you grab a big ole' glass of sweet tea...find you the coolest spot in the city, whether a local coffeehouse or your living room sofa..and lay back in the cut during the dog days of summer..if you must get out..ensure you put on lots of your Mennen speed stick (did you know they make this amazing deodorant in guys and girls formula? they really keep your pits and walk don't' run to your intended between the dog days of summer you know one of my fave past times is to eat sherbet while my little one decides which sprinkles and icky color he will make his ice cream..we are water park fact it is my goal to visit every water park in the radius of an hour's drive from the metro..this summer we have planned to drive to Valdosta to Wild Mountain theme park and water resort..and then we are continuing on to the Nickelodeon hotel for their icky slime water would be's gonna be a stone gas honey..but on to my reason for shouting out my some of my best hangout spots around the city for beating the heat..check out my faves and tell me if you agree..please email me at my website and write this link across your heart if you have not already..

Places to Beat the Heat:

Budget options thru the Parks and Rec Board

Browns Mill Water Park - Browns Mill Road

Rockbridge Water Park - Rockbridge Road

Friends Water Park - Buford Highway

Ice cream spots with style:
Coldstone Creamery - Atlantic Station
Brewsters - multiple locations
Nestle Toll House Ice cream store - multiple locations
Ben and Jerry's - Va Highland and Dacula

Fun places for kids indoors:
Monkey Joes
The Great Barn - Stone Mountain
Movie Tavern - Tucker
Georgia Aquarium - Downtown
Fernbank Musuem- Off Ponce De leon

Grown folks spot to chill during the day:
Cafe Circa for brunch
Johnnycakes - free wifi upstairs
Dancing Goats Coffee House - Downtown Decatur
Perk - Downtown Hapeville

Your kids will love it!
Centennial Park Water Fountain

Monday, April 26, 2010

Neighborhood Hot Spots: Atlantic Station

Have you ever been in love? That's the feeling I get every time I walk thru Atlantic get caught up in the sheer foodie joy of the dizzying array of food options..and then not to mention the shopping and people watching ..imagine me chilling on a park bench, while i am sitting eating my candy from Kilwins Chocolate and Ice cream and watching all the beautiful people....well i think you get the can meander thru Atlantic Station at a leisurely pace and make a day of sure to go during a beautiful day..there are lots of little nooks to sit and chill ...little boutiques and stores to discover...and top names like H&M, West Elm, Black White market and anchor stores to love like Dillard's...what's not to love?

Just plain yum!
Boneheads Cafe
Cold Stone Creamery
Kilwin's Chocolate and Ice Cream
Tin Drum Asian Cafe

Places to See and Be seen:
FOX Sports Grill
Strip-Steak and Sushi
Lobby at TWELVE
Geisha House
Rosa Mexicano
Ten Pin Alley
The Grape

Fave chains:
California Pizza Kitchen
Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro
Doc Green's Gourmet Salads
Moe's Southwest Grill

Anchor Department Stores:

Women's Apparel & Accessories:
Ann Taylor Loft
Victoria's Secret
White House\Black Market
DSW Shoes
Nine West

Monday, April 19, 2010

ATL Hidden Spots

So i was enjoying my TIVO last weekend and checked out one of my fave culinary shows on PBS..and lo and behold this guy knew what he was talking about! he named some of my fave "hidden restaurants" that are best kept secrets to only those Atlantians that are in the know the kind of spot where perhaps they are a "mom and pop" joint that is a family affair..or a neighborhood fixture that not only serves your appetite, but also does a community service..or places with hours that are mysterious but somehow all the foodie groupies know exactly when to catch them open..if you are curious check out the Big Guy with the Red Beard on the attached link...

But on to my picks for ATL Hidden Spots..these are off the beaten won't find long articles written about them in the local media..but OMG are they good...they are not fancy..but the restaurant is clean..the service is friendly and if you become a regular the wait staff will greet you with a warm hello..Holla at your girl if you love my list...but SHHHHHH this will be our little

Grecian Gyro - Lawrenceville Highway
the hummus with warm pita bread is the truth..check out their innovative gyros too

Busy Bee - MLK blvd - The West End
their fried chicken is legendary..the fried green tomatoes make me swoon..check out the daily special

Who's Got Soul Southern Cafe‎ 3818 Covington Highway, Decatur, GA 30032 404 289-0116‎
OMGosh..where do I start? Chef Keith is amazing..his food is so consistent..the meatloaf..oxtails..fried corn..and the cornbread..yum! good old fashioned stick to your ribs type action..and oh mama is it budget friendly..Who's Got Soul? yeah baby!

Mr. Everything - MLK blvd - The West End
Sandwiches are sorta Philly style..but they put their own special spin on it..and the sauteed veggies over rice with chicken...yeah baby!

Little Cuba 3350 Chamblee Tucker Rd Chamblee, GA 30341 770-451-0025
empanadas..mariquitas..classic pollo with beans..tostados..the whole friggin' menu is authentic Cuban and the restaraunt is a little slice of an international oasis..i lived in the Caribbean and trust won't be disappointed! check out the dessert case too..

Shorty's Pizza - Lawrenceville Highway
pizza pizza! love their laid back can bring a date..but bring your sense of humor..the pies are named after famous Rock Stars...try the B.B. King and Tina Turner :-)

Blue Crabs To Go - Old National Highway
Ms. Linda I love you man! her Ms. Linda's fish and shrimp is simply addictive..the potatoes corn and seafood are seasoned with the blend of Key west soul...good God..where is her number..i'm dialing now! CARRYOUT only

Nathalies Seafood - Downtown Decatur
Ms. Nathalie has a real funky Key west vibe going too..but it is the kind of spot you can bring a lunch date or someone's cool and casual and the food is delish..the hushpuppies..gulf shrimp pot...blackened tilapia with plantains...all the seafood you desire is listed and cooked fresh to order..try not to be in a the true laid back spirit of Key west, it may take a few moments longer, but i promise it's worth the wait...

Fuji Ya - Lavista Road
Hibachi with crunchy noodles...can you say non-traditional but boo-yah is it good! the hibachi part is a great show for the kids and the stir fry salmon..shrimp..chicken..or steak is great each and every try the fried rice and they have tempura and sushi dishes as well..

The Cookie Studio - East College Ave - next to the train station
these ladies know how to make a great cookie..they were recently featured in Creative Loafing and Atlanta magazine so the secret is out..go see why they are one of Atlanta's favorite hot spots...the breakfast cookie is one of a kind and the key lime taste and you'll be back

Supreme Fish -4825 Rockbridge Rd Ste 4 Stone Mountain, GA 30083 (678) 704-0233
ah yum! the hushpuppies..lemon pepper wings..and fried fish on Fridays is practically the holy grail :-) and the sweet tea and lemonade are great and consistent...check them out..

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Don't you love when you discover something new? when i discover a new restaurant that is off the beaten feels like a delicious little secret that i can nibble on and keep to myself..or share with my loyal followers! :-)

One of just those type of finds is SAUCED..the newest foray by famed ATL Chef Ria..

Ria started Ria's Bluebird Cafe and has consistently delivered one of the city's best comfort breakfasts hands down! this lady makes a mean pancake..brisket ...and her bionic breakfast with tofu sprouts, pan seared tilapia and skillet potatoes is the breakfast of in the coolest Grant Park location, across from the infamous Oakland Cementary on Boulevard

Sauced is her latest baby and oh i am so glad she birthed this one Ms. restaurant is a fresh take on "new south" food and the decor was so cute and kitschy that my dinner companion and i sat and laughed at how "Dad's Den" as the dining room is called reminded us of our parent's 1970's basement complete with paneling and knick-knacks that I know my mom still has from back in the day...

And let me mention that my dinner companion is one of the most discriminating foodies on the planet...she was doing the whole organic and "farm to table" concept 30 years ago...if she says it is fresh and the food is good..then bet your bottom dollar it is the bomb..(hey Kay!!) The food was intentionally thoughtful..the black-eyed pea fritters..sweet potato fries ..3 course skewers and lemon ice box pie made me swoon...and then there was this big ole biscuit thing that Ria stuffed with a Brisket that was positively melt in your mouth..and of course the signature sauces were awesome and a great accompaniment to the meal...

lord god if it weren't for the fact my boss would miss me i'd go right now! lol...i love this new hot spot in Inman is hanging on the edge of Edgewood Avenue and just a smidge away from Krog Street..

Run don't walk to check out this new gem...I challenge you to find something on the menu that is not fun, delicious and inventive!

753 Edgewood Avenue
Atlanta GA 30307

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Your Guide to "In-Town" Living

Are you new to Atlanta? Do you wonder what all the terminology like "inside the perimeter" "in-town" and "close to the beltway" means?

Well dahlings here is your definitive guide to becoming an Atlanta hipster..when i first moved here i couldn't understand all the hype about living "inside the perimeter" which basically means you are close to "in-town" means again you are close to downtown, but in a residential section of town...lastly "close to the beltway" guessed it! you can jump on 285 in a few seconds and reach downtown within 15 mins or where are the premiere "Intown Neighborhoods"? Stick with me..i've scoured this town looking for the most popular spots that urban professionals call home..this list is certainly not all-inclusive...there are plenty of hidden secrets that you will discover that will make your heart sing..but here are a few of my faves...those popular spots where if you have the cash, and a sense of adventure and love for city living..they are perfect for those seeking a hip fun lifestyle:

- Midtown (roughly 3rd to 15th Street and Piedmont to West Peachtree) is very trendy and popular. Mostly high-rise condos walkable to clubs, restaurants and Piedmont Park. For a long time this was considered a gay neighborhood and it's still very gay-friendly. It's pricey for Atlanta, but probably still cheap compared to SF.

- Virginia-Highlands (the Highlands) is right off that long stretch of East Ponce on Highland's very residential and family friendly.. some rental houses and duplexes as opposed to high-rise apartments, but it's still a lot of young professionals. There are a bunch of bars in the Highlands but it's more of a community pub scene as opposed to dance can be pricey but there are still deals to find esp in this economy

- Buckhead. the traffic is daunting in this hot spot neighborhood..there's a lot of celebrity sightings..and wanna be celebrities that hang out in Buckhead..but don't be fooled..there is real class here too...and a lot to love.A few great bars are left since the bit push toward "residentializing" this busy neighborhood...some good restaurants in Buckhead Village. Lenox Mall and Phipps Plaza, Atlanta's two upscale shopping malls, are also in this area.

- Little Five Points/Inman Park/Candler Park -- Little Five Points is the restaurant/shopping area and Inman and Candler are the residential neighborhoods nearby. "Lil 5" as it is affectionately called used to be a very edgy bohemian area but has become a lot more user-friendly as of late..

- Decatur -- Is technically a suburb of Atlanta, but is not the suburbs as you probably think of them. Has a cute little square with bars and restaurants; they're building a lot of new condos over the storefronts. It's a relatively easy commute into town and pretty inexpensive compared to some of the sheer amenities you will discover here esp in Downtown Decatur.

- East Atlanta -- is still what most people would consider a "transitional" neighborhood, in that it used to be a sketchy area but lots of families and young professionals are moving in. That makes it pretty affordable..

**Shout out to the Trip Advisor for giving Atlanta love on your website

Urban Oasis Hot Spots in the City

Have you dreamed of ditching the suburbs and becoming an urban hipster? do you want the kids to have the best of both life plus an old fashioned community feel? Well, this post is just for you..Suburbanites unite! and get ready to load up the moving van and relocate closer to the city...Let's face it..Downtown Atlanta is one of the nicest urban places to live in the Nation..there are plenty of "urban oasis" spots minutes from Downtown that still give you the old fashioned amenities of being in a neighborhood...I have to warn you though..Some of these spots are the city's best kept shhhhhhhh let's keep these hot spots just between you and :-) Enjoy!

Cool Condo living

Buckhead - 10 Terminus Place

Brookhaven - The Logan

Downtown - Twelve Centennial Park

West Midtown - White Provisions

Cool Communities with that Neighborhood Feel

West Midtown - Dupont Commons and Habershal at West Highlands

East Atlanta - Glenwood Park

Grant Park - Oakland Park

Monday, March 1, 2010

Bold Shopping Spots for the Fellas

Men..i know you want to want to maintain a certain freshness for the ladies...that doesn't involve alot of time spent in shopping malls! if you are anything like my brothers and sons...spending a day shopping is a fate worse than are like to go straight in get what you're looking for and roll out...

well rest assured your girl has got you! i have compiled a list of some of the hottest stores in town that cater to the well dressed ATL type dude...these speciality stores are some of Atlanta's best kept secrets..and they don't order many of the same item, so you can be confident that when you slide into the club and the ladies gasp at your won't see another brotha across the room in the exact same outfit! lol

so without further are some spots that ATLBROWNGIRL has checked out for you...these are my top recommendations for places to get the newest kicks, interview suit or an outfit that will make you the freshest at the party..

A. Dom's 2591 Piedmont Rd, Suite 1110, Atlanta, GA 30324
Sexxy!! good lord..Where else can a dapper man get assistance with his suit game 24 hours a day? No where else but this very innovative boutique that offers said fashion assistance to a brotha..24 hours a day! This is the Atl's best kept secret. The businessman that opened this shop has long been on the speed dial of some of Atlanta's best dressed he is bringing his savvy straight to those discriminating brothas here in Atlanta that want to want access to style at their convenience...Genius!

Strivers Row 774 Highland, Atlanta, GA 30303tel 678-973

Bill Hallman 792 N Highland Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30306 404-876-6055

Wish - The Flagship Store 447 Moreland Ave Atlanta, GA 30307 (404) 880-0402

Standard 1841 Peachtree Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30309 (404) 355-1410

Miller Brothers Ltd 3207 Paces Ferry Pl NW Atlanta, GA 30305 (404) 233-8000

Sid Mashburn 1198 Howell Mill Rd Atlanta, GA 30318 404-350-7135

Adrene's Boutique Castleberry Hill 264 Peters Street Atlanta, GA 30313

Shout outs:
Macy's in Perimeter - The Men's store is the truth!

Throwbacks on Old Natty - Now you know where to go to get your sports on

Nordstrom Rack/Saks in Discover Mills - The discounts will stop you dead in your shopping tracks

TJ Maxx Superstore - Mall of Georgia
Psycho Sisters/Junkman's Daughter - eclectic and definitely different...but there are some really cool deals if you like a retro prepared for the

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just for the Fellas! Sports bars with Style and Swag

Sport Bars

Barley's Sports and Billards Lounge**
Neighborhood: Downtown
338 Peachtree Street
Atlanta GA 30308
(404) 522-7177

The Ultimate Bar and Grill**
Neighborhood: Camp Creek
3515 Camp Creek ParkwaySuites
East Point, Georgia 30344
Ok..i know i said this post is for the fellas..but trust me are going to want me to do this.....listen up girls..where do you get flat screens, cold beer, good food and some of the finest professional chocolate men that the ATL has to offer? you got it..It ain't called the Ultimate for swagger your best laid back but sassy gear..sidle up to the bar...order a cold one for yourself and eye that cutie down the bar..flash that "i'm a Southern Sweet Sassy gal" smile and it's sure to be an interesting evening :-) have fun..and invite your girl to the engagement party :-)

Famous Pub & Sports Palace
2947 N Druid Hills Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30329
(404) 633-3555

The Brick Store Pub
Neighborhood: Downtown Decatur
125 E Court Square Decatur, GA 30030
(404) 687-0990

Neighborhood: Buckhead3400 Around Lenox Rd NEAtlanta, GA 30326
(404) 760-8873

Neighborhood: Downtown300 Marietta St Atlanta, GA 30313
(404) 885-1472

FOX Sports Grill
Neighborhood: Atlantic Station261 19th St Atlantic Station Atlanta, GA 30363
(404) 207-1369

Flame Sports Bar
2671 Centerville Hwy Suite 180
Snellville, GA 30078

Cigar Bars

Beluga Martini and Cigar Bar
Neighborhood: Buckhead 3115 Piedmont Road NE Atlanta, GA 30305
(404) 869-1090

Neighborhood: West Paces Ferry/Northside 56 East Andrews Dr Atlanta, GA 30305
(Inside the basement of Stout in Andrews Square Mall)

The Leaf 931 Monroe Dr, Ste 206C; Midtown; 855.484.LEAF

Highland Cigar Co.
Neighborhood: Inman Park 245 N HighlandAtlanta, GA 30307
(404) 477-2415

**ATLBROWNGIRL seal of approval - this place is hot!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Southern Charm

I live on the NE it! so traveling "down south" as we call it in the ATL is a that whole southern corridor...Fayetteville..Old Natty...College Park..Virginia's all a stone gas for me and my crew...So just for my loyal readers and as a shout out to my folks in the Dirty Dirty here are my top spots for kicking it all points past Downtown:

Places worth the Drive to hangout for a day:

Palmetto - the houses in this little oasis of serenity are positively breathtaking..from the urban chi-chi lofts, Greencraft expansive homes, brownstones... to old fashioned mansions..this planned community is definitely worth taking a drive for...make sure you get good directions though, as it is off the beaten path but definitely worth the trip..esp if the Serenbe farmhouse is open for you to stop by and take a sip and sample some of their straight from their own farm to table concept

Newnan - one of my top faves down south for shopping..all the chain dept stores are represented including expansive reps of

TJ Maxx
Old Navy

AND a brand new mall..check out the strip mall on the opposite side of the highway near has a host of your fave chain restaurants which make Newnan a fun spot to kick it for a day

Fayetteville-one word..the Fayetteville is shopping nirvana!

Old National Highway- Ok..i know what you are is quite urban..and an adventure for the typical suburbanite..but Old Natty as the natives call it is coming up! down by the New Walmart they are freshening up this tried and true route...and don't miss Grown Folks and the Crowe's Nest for some real grown folk partying..and closer to 285 if you have a spirit of adventure the Discount Mall can reveal some heart stopping discounts...when you need something to chow down Blue Crabs to go (Hey Ms. Linda!), there is a wing place in the parking lot of Throwbacks.. and that leads me to my other fave which is a stone's throw away:

Historic College Park on Main Street-The Feed Store..The Brake Pad..Noodle..The Pecan
Stop by! then roll on to:

Hapeville - Chic Fil-A Dwarf House..Jamaica Cove...Maritza and Franks...Buttersweet Bakery
And go see the renovation down to the old Ford factory..It's now lofts and brownstones!

Virginia Ave -Spondivits...Grecian Gyro...Michon's...Barbecue Kitchen..Simon's steak and Seafood

Downtown East Point- Q's restaurant...Thumbs Up Diner...E'Vans Bake Shop