Monday, January 4, 2010

Southern Charm

I live on the NE it! so traveling "down south" as we call it in the ATL is a that whole southern corridor...Fayetteville..Old Natty...College Park..Virginia's all a stone gas for me and my crew...So just for my loyal readers and as a shout out to my folks in the Dirty Dirty here are my top spots for kicking it all points past Downtown:

Places worth the Drive to hangout for a day:

Palmetto - the houses in this little oasis of serenity are positively breathtaking..from the urban chi-chi lofts, Greencraft expansive homes, brownstones... to old fashioned mansions..this planned community is definitely worth taking a drive for...make sure you get good directions though, as it is off the beaten path but definitely worth the trip..esp if the Serenbe farmhouse is open for you to stop by and take a sip and sample some of their straight from their own farm to table concept

Newnan - one of my top faves down south for shopping..all the chain dept stores are represented including expansive reps of

TJ Maxx
Old Navy

AND a brand new mall..check out the strip mall on the opposite side of the highway near has a host of your fave chain restaurants which make Newnan a fun spot to kick it for a day

Fayetteville-one word..the Fayetteville is shopping nirvana!

Old National Highway- Ok..i know what you are is quite urban..and an adventure for the typical suburbanite..but Old Natty as the natives call it is coming up! down by the New Walmart they are freshening up this tried and true route...and don't miss Grown Folks and the Crowe's Nest for some real grown folk partying..and closer to 285 if you have a spirit of adventure the Discount Mall can reveal some heart stopping discounts...when you need something to chow down Blue Crabs to go (Hey Ms. Linda!), there is a wing place in the parking lot of Throwbacks.. and that leads me to my other fave which is a stone's throw away:

Historic College Park on Main Street-The Feed Store..The Brake Pad..Noodle..The Pecan
Stop by! then roll on to:

Hapeville - Chic Fil-A Dwarf House..Jamaica Cove...Maritza and Franks...Buttersweet Bakery
And go see the renovation down to the old Ford factory..It's now lofts and brownstones!

Virginia Ave -Spondivits...Grecian Gyro...Michon's...Barbecue Kitchen..Simon's steak and Seafood

Downtown East Point- Q's restaurant...Thumbs Up Diner...E'Vans Bake Shop

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