Sunday, May 22, 2011

Feel the Burn Baby!

ok we have all noticed summertime is upon us...time to shed those jackets and drop it like its hot..erra i mean drop the heavy clothes because its

are u body ready? i never feel like i can exercise enough...the guilt of falling off the horse during the cold winter months always spurs me into action in the spring..

so that brings me to why i am up every morning at 5:30 and on the workout field with 10 other bootcampers doing the most insane workout in Atlanta...

on a given day we run 1/4 a mile..stop and do jumping jacks..lunges...pushups..situps..the plank and get up and run 1/4 a mile again..we may jump interval training..or run suicide drills up and across the workout field..for 45 mins to an hour...all before 7 am!

Believe me if it sounds is the most amazing fun..and the folks at Operation Boot Camp give u ur money's worth as they show up with 5-6 trainers everyday..the class is small with only usually no more than 10 participants so its like having ur own personal trainer..i feel eating habits are no longer as trashy as they once were (im still a foodie..i just make better choices now :-)and im begginning to fit into things i havent been able to ooze into since like..forever!

and by the way..DO NOT COME TO THE PROGRAM IF U DONT WANT TO the end of this workout u will be dripping wet..possibly covered in grass (its totally outdoors) and feeling so freakin' amazing that u will want to run instead of drive home :-)

trust ur girl..this is not getting a dime for this testimonial..i just thought I'd shout out the great folks at Operation Boot camp and give u the opportunity to check out one of the best workouts in atlanta..and they are conveniently located all over the city...sign up for a month and i promise u will be hooked...leave me a comment if u decide to check it out..i may be out there too!

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