Saturday, September 8, 2012

Booziest milkshakes in town! SCOUTMOB FAVES

excerpts taken from An atlbrowngirl and atlanta fave app scoutmob!

The laws of childhood dictate that the single best summertime weapon is a frozen dessert. The laws of adulthood dictate that the single best summertime weapon is aspiked frozen dessert. We're not total lushes (not all the time, anyway), but something about adding a splash of booze to a popsicle or a scoop of ice cream just sets our hearts aflutter. (Really, though, how could the words "Bourbon Chocolate Milkshake" not send you into a frenzy?) Below, a handful of our favorite spots around town to slurp, sip, and spoon up some frosty hooch:

West Egg Cafe: Their fried green tomatoes, PB&J burger, and Coca-Cola cupcakes are beloved by many, but the bustling Westside cafe's bourbon chocolate milkshake is downright famous. You can try your hand at it with this recipe, but take it from me: no one can serve it up quite like these guys. (For best results, you'll want to add those Coca-Cola cupcakes to your order, too.)

Grindhouse Killer Burgers: Sure, you could finish off that beast of a burger with a creamy, delicious oreo milkshake. Or, you could do it like a pro and knock back one of Grindhouse's several grown-up milkshakes—there's the El Duderino, a chilly coffee/kahlua/vodka concoction, and a frosty Oreo, Whynatte, and peppermint liqueur elixir known as the Stimulus Package.

Rooftop 866: We're already smitten with this swank joint's scenic vista overlooking the dead-center of Midtown. But when you throw boozy pops into the equation, it's a whole 'nother level of infatuation. The rotating selection of popsicles include such frozen cocktails as mojito, blueberry limoncello, and Bloody Mary, and at only $4 a pop, you could probably toss back a couple of 'em. Just don't get too close to the edge there, cowboy.

The Corner Tavern: Bless their hearts, Atlanta's beloved tavern has teamed up with Atlanta's beloved popsicle king to create a holy matrimony of delicious. The rotating selection of "Poptails" combine the goodness of King Of Pops with a dash or two of hooch. Frozen cocktail on a stick? This could turn into a situation.

Victory Sandwich Bar: Ah, the Slushy: that most humble and refreshing of gas station summertime treats. But at this Inman Park sammich spot, Electric Blue or Strawberry Kiwi ain't on the menu. The reuptations of Victory's Jack 'n Coke slushies nearly exceed those of their sandwich counterparts, and for good reason. Slush Puppies have nothing on these bad boys. And after a couple of them, you'll be extra-agile for a game of ping pong.

Frozen Pints: We love ice cream. We love craft beer. And we love that Frozen Pints has married them in one delicious, frosty container, now conveniently available at Hop City, Green's, Tower, and a few other fine institutions. From the light and fruity Peach Lambic to the hearty, creamy Malted Milk Chocolate Stout, there is one for every kind of beer lover out there. Me? I'll take all of 'em.