Thursday, March 18, 2010


Don't you love when you discover something new? when i discover a new restaurant that is off the beaten feels like a delicious little secret that i can nibble on and keep to myself..or share with my loyal followers! :-)

One of just those type of finds is SAUCED..the newest foray by famed ATL Chef Ria..

Ria started Ria's Bluebird Cafe and has consistently delivered one of the city's best comfort breakfasts hands down! this lady makes a mean pancake..brisket ...and her bionic breakfast with tofu sprouts, pan seared tilapia and skillet potatoes is the breakfast of in the coolest Grant Park location, across from the infamous Oakland Cementary on Boulevard

Sauced is her latest baby and oh i am so glad she birthed this one Ms. restaurant is a fresh take on "new south" food and the decor was so cute and kitschy that my dinner companion and i sat and laughed at how "Dad's Den" as the dining room is called reminded us of our parent's 1970's basement complete with paneling and knick-knacks that I know my mom still has from back in the day...

And let me mention that my dinner companion is one of the most discriminating foodies on the planet...she was doing the whole organic and "farm to table" concept 30 years ago...if she says it is fresh and the food is good..then bet your bottom dollar it is the bomb..(hey Kay!!) The food was intentionally thoughtful..the black-eyed pea fritters..sweet potato fries ..3 course skewers and lemon ice box pie made me swoon...and then there was this big ole biscuit thing that Ria stuffed with a Brisket that was positively melt in your mouth..and of course the signature sauces were awesome and a great accompaniment to the meal...

lord god if it weren't for the fact my boss would miss me i'd go right now! lol...i love this new hot spot in Inman is hanging on the edge of Edgewood Avenue and just a smidge away from Krog Street..

Run don't walk to check out this new gem...I challenge you to find something on the menu that is not fun, delicious and inventive!

753 Edgewood Avenue
Atlanta GA 30307