Monday, September 13, 2010

Cargill Gallery

Have you ever been somewhere and when you walk in it just feels like home? Well that's the warm and fuzzy feeling i get everytime i walk in Cargill Gallery. Your girl is a huge art fan...Wine, art, cheese and great conversation makes a great Sunday afternoon...I have artists that are my faves all over the city (for instance do check out Corey Whitehead!! he had a showing this weekend..amazing...

But back to the reason for this post...This husband and wife art team are amazing artisians and craftsmen. I call them that because the art they make is not just images on a canvas..they make you feel the images...they have a network of artists that bring their wares to the gallery and they are equally as amazing..

I first learned of them as they have a neat little gallery tucked inside Northlake Mall in my hood here in Tucker. What first caught my eye was how amazingly affordable the artwork was!!! OMG..i have traveled all over the world collecting art..and let me tell you...some of these pieces are orginals and the prices blew me away at how reasonable they are...

I had the great pleasure of stumbling into their other Gallery location at Pleasant Hill in Gwinnet Place gallery is very is easy to walk around in the space and see all the artwork in all its glory hanging on the wall..and the resident artist on staff and manager David(along with being adorable ladies) was so willing to do whatever to please the clientele..he does original artwork to your specification...and the deals are equally as refreshing..

run don't walk to this art oasis..There are three gallary locations throughout the Atlanta area to serve you:

Mall of Georgia - 770.866.9938

Gwinnett Place Mall - 770.866.9910

Northlake Mall – 678.830.8593