Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It Ain't fancy..but it Sure is Good!

I'm you love discovering little hidden gems that only the neighborhood locals know about? Well if so this is the post for you...these are neighborhood hot spots that you can feel comfortable putting your elbows up on the table, putting a bib on and getting your grub what is absolutely required to make this coveted list is 1)they are unpretentious 2) friendly 3) and it shole is good! :-0 ok so without further ado i introduce to you my local grub joints by neighborhood. as always please leave me a comment if you have your own hidden gem that perhaps you may want to share!

Blue Crab 2 Go
4829 Old National Highway,Atlanta, GA 30337
(404) 763-9433
Lucky for us this NY native came to GA to bring her unique twist on Southern florida fresh seafood served sizzling from the grill with garlic potatoes, a sidekick of corn on the cob and a heaping dollop of love...there are combo platters to even make the most discriminating of seafood lovers swoon. and to add the cherry on top, she provides large takeout orders for parties IF YOU CALL A REASONABLE TIME IN ADVANCE....i'm getting hungry just thinking about this very very very fave of mine!
Tell Ms. Linda as the regulars call her that ATLBROWNGIRL sent you in...IT IS TAKEOUT ONLY

Castleberry Hill
Baltimore Seafood
do you see a pattern developing here? lol..yes friends, i am a die-hard seafood lover..not only for those feel good omega-3s that are good for the brain..but I'm a Southern girl, so there aint a thing wrong with some fried when i'm feeling health concious grilled salmon and tilapia is a dish that could feed me daily for by and sample their delish food prepared a variety of ways...very few tables for seating but they provide delivery in the area

Mike's Big Burger
in this unassuming location on Columbia drive, the locals know that Mike's cooks up the best turkey burger this side of Ann's Snack bar..they do amazing things with hamburgers including the super chopper for those who like their hamburger chopped up diced with veggies and laid gently over scalloped potatoes..yum! seating is limited and it ain't fancy..but it shole is good!

To be continued......

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