Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Neighborhood Hot Spots: Historic Norcross

I love historic neighborhoods that have a modern feel...you know the type places..cobblestone walkways...shopowners that holler "howdy!" as you come in the door..eating places where the owners and waitstaff know your name...my little one and i hang in these type areas of town all the time..i have my top faves and thought i would share with you....first out of the chute is Historic Norcross...it is the type place that takes you back in time..(in a good way lol)..the houses are absolutely gorgeous..there are craftsman stunners and historic houses that have been lovingly restored...beautiful bungalows and all other types of goodies inbetween...the neatest thing of all is it is a bonafide community feel..the townfolks walk to the shops and restaraunts from their home and the kids all know each other..how cool is that? my fave restaraunts are listed as follows:

Mojitos - cuban

Dominicks' - italian

Paizano's - (Kissing cousin to the chi-town institution) - italian

Bleu House Cafe - lunch and sandwich spot

Norcross Station Cafe - the menu is amazingly diverse

Northern Star Coffeehouse - cool spot to kick back, have a cup of joe and enjoy the free wi-fi

Thrasher park - trust me the kiddes will love this hot-kiddie spot

Run don't walk to this best kept secret in the Atlanta metro area..it is quite tucked away but easy to find..right off Peachtree Industrial/Medlock Bridge...here's the neighborhood website..


Happy Trails!

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