Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Places where the (Straight) Chocolate Men Mingle

I'm spoken for :-)....however I have lots of girlfriends that ask me..where do the good chocolate men hang out? Well you know since I get around the city a lot I've noticed that there are some places that the fellas gravitate toward…so here's my picks…fellas if you beg to differ let a sista know and I will add your spots for the Best places Where the Fellas Hang:

The Barbershop @ the West End Mall

Busy Bee Café

Barleys esp Back in the Pool Room

Manhotspots like:
--Home Depot
--Publix and Kroger in the refreshing "spirits" aisle :-)

Luckie Lounge

South Dekalb Mall

Really cool chocolate sports bar on Camp creek

Strokers (ok stop giggling..there are lots of nice guys that come to this spot strictly for errra..the entertainment because they are single)

Cactus Car Wash on Ponce

Any event held by the 100 Black men of Atlanta

Events held at Morehouse including:
--Film Screenings
--Cultural events
--Political rallies

Any event held by the Kappas or Ques in Atlanta

TJ Maxx in the Men's section (esp the Buckhead location)

Perimeter Mall Food Court

Fox Sports Grill

Events held at:
--Alliance Theatre
--High Museum
--Woodruff Arts Center

Borders books in the Magazine section

The National Black Arts Festival - OMG it's a man candy store! :-)

Gladys Night's @ Stonecrest Mall

Cafe Circa on Edgewood Avenue

V-103 Car and Bike Show

The Velvet Room

Happy Hour @ Uptown Restaraunt downtown

All Syman Baby parties including the ones held at:
Taboo 2
Pearl Bistro
Echelon 3000

Ole Skool sundays @ Hairston's

Berean Church on Covington Highway in Stone Mountain

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