Monday, August 3, 2009

Perfect Party Places for Young Knaves

i love little boys...perhaps because i have 2 boys...i have a goddaughter that i adore and spoil rotten...but my area of expertise is certainly the young knaves..there is nothing more exhilirating than getting a group of 10 or so young boys under the age of 6 in a room together and feeling alive with the spirit of youthfulness...are you buying any of this? i didn't think seriously though..i love love love hanging out with the little guys..they are so easy to to run and play..cupcakes...and perhaps something to run, jump over or climb on...and they are good! so without further ado i introduce to you, my top Hot spots for the little rascals...and of course they all have my 5 year olds stamp of trust me...i'm from the

Karate Kick Miami Circle

Malibu Grand Prix

Mario Andretti Speed Car Racing

Laser tag in Pleasant Hill (may be too intense for youngsters under 6)

Skate boarding at Discover Mills

Dave and Busters

Bowling parties

Young Chefs Academy in Toco Hills

More to come....

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