Friday, May 20, 2011

Hot Summer Nites in the City!

So have u noticed summer is a coming?? lol...good lord a blazes is it hot...already! if u are like me..i lay in the cut under the air and only slink out the house in the cool of the evening at dusk :-) so can we talk date nite? lets say u and ur honey are looking for something fun to do that is off the beaten path...u dont feel like heading to a restaraunt...a bar is just ho-hum..u dont feel like sitting in the movie theater..u want to hang out at the park but the bugs are vicious this time of how about combining all 4 of those ideas into one fun date! (without the bugs of course)

Can anyone shout Drive In!!

Last summer my honey surprised me and took me to the drive in and we had the best time! There was lots of trashy first run movies and of course lots of hand holding and snuggling :-) (ok keep it clean folks the kiddees may be watching :-) but seriously...i had no idea the drive-in could be so fun..and when u are with the one that makes your heart beat faster..well it is a perfect date nite...So drive..dont walk to the Starlight Drive-In on Moreland..u will thank ur girl for introducing this old fave back onto your radar. Smooches!

Starlight Six Drive-In Theatre
2000 Moreland Ave SE
Atlanta, GA 30316
(404) 627-5786

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sherrelle31 said...

Love your blog post. Keep them coming!!