Thursday, January 19, 2012

Your most amazing life

Everyone that knows me well will tell u I am serious about wellness and experiencing joy..I have a young child and my goal is to be youthful enough to enjoy his kids well into my retirement! So I put the hard work in now.I shed ALOT of at least a couple of miles a day..try to only cook in olive oil ..steam or grill..reduce all carbs..limit sweets..learned to love veggies..eliminate stressful events and people and most of all..I have a zeal for life!

My goal is to have an adventure everyday.. Even if that means taking a new route to work or baking cookies with my son and we use red sugar instead of green sprinkles the next key to balanced living is to focus on the extraordinary in the everyday transactions of our lives..walking to the mailbox? Listen for the birds chirping..under the hair dryer at the salon? Meditate for 20 mins and give ur mind permission to run free and i guarantee u at least one amazing idea will blow you away with its persistence..the thought of cooking dinner bore u silly? Cook pancakes for ur family! here's some of my ideas for breathing again and learning to grab life by the keister and enjoy! I'd love to hear ur ideas too at or like me on Facebook!

**Redecorate ur bedroom and make it as peaceful and tranquil as sheets and comforter..lots of cozy darkening curtains or blinds..a good nights sleep does wonders for the soul!

**Run to gospel music early in the morning and then turn to rock, pop or hip hop and belt out a few verses :-)

**Sketch..doodle..knit..crossword puzzles....try a new recipe...learn the lyrics to a fave non fiction..write..everyday do something to unleash a creative part of ur soul and slow down the effects of mental aging by keeping ur brain active!

**Get up b4 sunrise..and watch the sunrise while drinking ur tea or java in ur pjs..instant awe!

**Ask ur kids compelling God real? Is it raining in spain? what is the most fun job in the world? And delight in their answers

**Have a dream board of amazing destinations to visit..and even if u can't get to one vacation a year have a "stay-cation" where u take a day or two off work go the spa or drive to a local neighboring town and if budget permits stay overnite and let the kids eat something fun in bed in their pjs in the hotel room !

**Reinvent ur self every few years..get a new haircut..wear a bold new color..try a new cuisine..embark on a new career..try something new (cooking school class? Sip and stroke class)..train to run a marathon...just do it!

**Every holiday do it big..Valentines Day? I decorate my home with all things red and big juicy hearts..Halloween? Its a frightfest wth talking skulls and lots of delicious scary fun..Chmas? Everywhere u look I try to infuse reminders of the season including apple cider and pumpkin fragrant oils in each room..Easter? U got it...colored Easter eggs are everywhere...get the idea? Make every holiday an excuse to celebrate life!

**Believe in the kindness of good works..Have u done a random act of kindness today? Smiled at ur neighbor? Stopped to compliment ur coworkers new hairstyle? Bought groceries or ran errands for a senior citizen church member? Told ur friend u love them because --- fill in the blank..or here's my for the persons coffee standing behind u in the line in Starbucks.. And see the delighted look on their face...see how easy it is to make someone's day? Come on.. I dare u to stop thinking of ur own troubles for a sec and be a global citizen for a few mins a day every will change u!

**Every thought about changing careers...what would u do free? Love to cook? Take a pastry class..Ever dreamed of owning ur own company? Call the local chamber of commerce and take the young entrepreneurs boot camp for founding and owning ur own business..when ur side hustle starts making paper don't quit ur full time job..but when ur passion starts making more money than ur gig..well u kno what to do..some of the most successful companies on the planet were founded by folks who were frustrated by their ft job! have one life to live...what will u do in the next year that will be memorable and life changing in its positivity...

Go ahead...dare to starts your amazing life!

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